Science and Technology Libraries Section

Division: Library Types

The Section brings together special libraries involved in collecting and providing access to information and data about the physical sciences and technology. A major focus of the Section will be on professional and scholarly communication. The Section collaborates with various national and international science and technology library associations.

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This Section is sponsoring: Agricultural Libraries Special Interest Group.

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Last update: 11 October 2017

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Call for Papers! August 2019 WLIC in Greece!

Call for Papers: Moving Beyond Traditional Collections & Services: Supporting Science in Innovative Ways

15 January 2019

The STL WLIC Libraries as Drivers for Open Access Wrap-Up!

On August 26th, the Science and Technology Libraries section hosted three speakers in their first session of the conference, Libraries as Drivers for Open Access. Click here to read more about our wonderful speakers and where you can find their full papers.

2 October 2018

The STL WLIC Data Librarianship Wrap-Up!

On August 27th, the Science and Technology Libraries section hosted 5 speakers for its Data Librarian: Needs and Qualifications section. Click here to find out who our amazing speakers were and where to find more information on their work.

2 October 2018