IFLA Information Futures Summit

Message from the IFLA President, 17 May 2024

I am happy to be writing to you to with the latest update on all that is happening at IFLA, and specifically the work of our Governing Board. I would like to acknowledge the positive feedback on these monthly messages from many of our members and volunteers. Thank you for your comments. We are continuing to issue these updates in all IFLA languages, which I hope assists in updating you on key matters.

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  • 27 May 2024

Message from the IFLA President, 19 April 2024

I’m happy to be writing to you, just a day after the IFLA Governing Board’s first in-person meeting of the year has come to an end! It was great to see colleagues together in The Hague for a really positive and productive meeting – the three days flew by, but I believe that we are making excellent progress against the commitments set out in August of last year.

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  • 22 April 2024