Social Science Libraries are special libraries supporting research and practice in the broad domain of the Social Sciences. Thus the section includes for example big Business Libraries as well as small research institute libraries in the fields of linguistics or anthropology.

Following the extensional definition by H.P. Hogeweg-de Haart (FID, 1981), i.e. the UNESCO definition plus other disciplines the Social Sciences include the following disciplines:

…anthropology, communication science, criminology, demography, economics, education, environmental planning, futurology, geography, history, labour science, law, library and information science, linguistics, management science, philosophy, political science, public administration, psychology, social policy, sociology, statistics, science of religion, science of science…”

Mailing List

IFLA-SOC-LIB: Forum of the IFLA Social Science Libraries section

IFLA-SOC-LIB is one of the electronic services of the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions. It is intended to foster communication especially within the community of Library and Information services for the Social Sciences. The extension of the term Social Sciences is a rather broad one: ranging from economics to linguistics. The mailing list IFLA SOC-LIB is managed by the Section on Social Science Libraries of IFLA – one of the more than 40 working groups of IFLA. It is intended to be the forum for its worldwide membership but will be open to everyone interested in the library and information business in the Social Sciences. It distributes information about IFLA services and activities which are of special interest for the section’s members. IFLA-SOC-LIB also offers a forum for the submission of items of general interest to the international social science library community. NOTE: This list is open to the subscribers that are given access based on their interest in IFLA relating to the business of Social Science Libraries.

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