Libraries are the primary cultural and scientific institutions for providing information as a public good and preserving our cultural heritage. To fulfill their mission in the digital age, libraries need an updated system of copyright limitations and exceptions. IFLA has created informational materials that will enable you to engage in relationship building with your local, regional and national politicians, governments and decision makers. You may use the templates we’ve provided below, or customise your message to explain why this issue is important for you and libraries in your country.

Additional material will follow.

Treaty Proposal on Copyright Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries and Archives – TLIB Cluster Version [PDF]
This TLIB cluster version contains the Articles and their Explanatory Notes from the IFLA Treaty Proposal that refer to the 11 topics, which have been identified by WIPO Member States at SCCR/23 in November 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions [PDF: English | Español]
The FAQs explain why a treaty on limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives is needed, how it complies with international law, what it comprises and what effects librarries could expect from the Treaty proposal.

WIPO Draft Compilation on Copyright Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries and Archives [PDF]
This WIPO document contains a list of 11 topics relating to libraries and archives. It proposes legal texts and comments made by WIPO Member States during SCCR/23.  Member States have until the 29 February 2012 to submit written comments on this document to the WIPO Secretariat, which will be discussed at SCCR/24 in July 2012.

Background information on the 11 topics [PDF]
WIPO identified11 topics related to copyright limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives. This background document explains why each topic is important for libraries and argues why libraries need an international binding instrument for it. The 11 topics will be discussed  at SCCR/24 in July 2012. 

Support Plan [PDF]
In preparation for the 24th WIPO SCCR meeting, IFLA would like to engage all national library associations to support updated limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives at this meeting. The Support Plan helps national library associations to get engaged with their national governments.

Draft letter to request a meeting with government representatives [PDF]
Use the ‘Draft Letter’ to contact your government representative to request a meeting to discuss library copyright issues.