IFLA WLIC 2023 Art Libraries Session

Art meets Tech

The theme for the open session is “Art meets Tech” with the sub-themes: Art Libraries and Artificial Intelligence, Art Libraries and Digital Repositories, Art Libraries and Linked Data/Semantic Web and Virtual Reality Learning Resources for Arts and Cultural Heritage.

Session Chair: Olivera Nastic

Titles and Presenters

  • “Adapting aspects of FRBR for artworks in Wikidata”
    Sonoe Nakasone, USA, AWHI Data Specialist         
  • “The Share Family technology – concrete benefits to increase discovery experience and linked data curation in the art domain”
    Jackie Shieh, USA, Descriptive Data Management Librarian at Smithsonian Libraries and Archives 
  • “Hand of the Author, Eye of the Machine: Supporting Researchers and Practitioners through Shifting Notions of Creative Authorship”
    Gabriella Karl-Johnson, USA, Architecture Librarian