Now Available: IFLA Asia and Oceania Regional Newsletter, May 2024

The second issue of 2024 of the IFLA Asia and Oceania Regional Division Newsletter includes message from IFLA President, editorials from the Chair of the Asia-Oceania Regional Division Committee, the Manager of the Regional Office for Asia and Oceania, and news both from IFLA and the region and beyond.

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  • 13 May 2024


Malaysia will host CONSAL XIX in 2025, marking the first in-person meeting after a seven-year gap. The theme for CONSAL XIX is Inclusive Knowledge: Bridging Divides, Empowering All with the tagline Leveraging Inclusivity, Empowering Humanity. The theme focuses on inclusivity through the practice of providing equal access and resources to all. It promotes the belief that knowledge and empowerment should be accessible to everyone. The emphasis is on bridging the various divides that exists, be it socioeconomic, cultural, technological, or any other forms of divide seen or unseen.

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  • 07 May 2024

The Bunus River Urban Garden: A Garden in The Heart Of Kuala Lumpur

The stakeholders of KBSB have shown the effectiveness of an urban garden in bringing people together. They have organised programmes throughout the year and each event is closely linked to gardening and the products that can be harvested from the garden. Several stakeholders have become successful entrepreneurs through the sale of products from their plots at KBSB. Read more

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  • 19 February 2024

Copyright & Licensing for International Resource Sharing Webinar

Have you ever struggled to understand copyright and licensing for resource sharing? If so, you are not alone. Please join us for this free one-hour webinar that will include a concise overview of copyright and licensing issues, with a specific focus on international resource sharing, followed by a panel discussion with experts in the field.

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  • 27 May 2022