Slovenia, Ormož, Knjižnica Ormož—“Green Library – Uniting the Local Community on its Road to Sustainability”


In a small town on the outskirts of Slovenia there was a small library in old castle with a big heart. After moving to energy-renovated premises with extensive green areas, that belonged to the building, the library in Ormož became an environmentally and population-friendly green library. The library provides quality and attractive events and non-formal and lifelong learning with green content that benefits both users and the local environment. The activities are accessible to all visitors and have a significant impact on the perception of the library not only as a cultural institution, but also as a factor in raising awareness and acquiring new knowledge. Through its programs, the library makes a significant contribution to adult lifelong learning, raising the quality of life, preserving the intangible cultural heritage, improving ecological awareness, ensuring social inclusion and a sense of belonging to the community. It connects local experts and users of library services of all ages, who share many diverse skills, learn about different aspects of a healthy lifestyle and familiarize themselves about the importance of nature conservation and the role of cooperation in the local community, where not only the library is green; the whole community is slowly joining the green movement. The library indirectly also contributes to the economic development of the local community through its activities and their effects. The library wants to grow a love for the environment, reading, life-long learning and of course people. 


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