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Prepare for our General Assembly. Learn why we’re asking members to vote to change IFLA’s Statutes.

As part of our broader approach to enhancing IFLA’s sustainability and strong relationships with members, volunteers and partners, we want to ensure that our Federation is attractive and easily understood by all.

IFLA wants to apply for ANBI status (charity status in the Netherlands as a public benefit organisation). To enable this, some changes to the Statutes are necessary. You can read about the motions in the Convening Notice.

We recognise that the 2 hours allocated to the General Assembly can go all too quickly, and the format does not always facilitate discussion of the issues at hand. Therefore, we offered online briefing sessions at different times to suit your time zone. Hear from the IFLA President and others about the rationale behind these changes and what it means for you and your Federation.

Through this – and in line with the Governing Board’s commitment to enhance communications with members – we hope to respond to any queries, and ensure that when you vote on 20 June, you have all the information you need to take your own decisions.  

Three briefings took place between 10 – 14 June. See recording above.

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