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The delivery of digital inclusion via libraries' adaptation to the digital economy

17 November 2023

    Modern libraries and in particular public libraries have become hubs of economic community growth that offer services and resources that help people access education, the workforce and create small businesses. This becomes increasingly relevant as we approach a peak moment in the global transition towards a more digital economy. Governments must recognize the symbiotic relationship that exists between libraries, digital inclusion and economic growth and therefore engage in the drafting of specific legislation accompanied by financial support that is required to bridge the digital divide. The promotion of digital inclusion needs to be a multi-stakeholder process that remains bottom-up in order to be effective and libraries can participate in this process by actively engaging with the most affected populations. The potential of libraries needs to be recognized not only in digital cooperation strategies but also as a core part of the community's economic infrastructure. 

    IGF 2023 and what comes next...

    15 November 2023

      As in previous years, in 2023 IFLA participated in the Internet Governance Forum that took place in Kyoto from the 8 to the 12 of October. The overarching theme of this year was "The Internet we want - Empowering all people" and it developed around many sub-themes, the most prominent ones being: Digital divides and inclusion, AI and emerging technologies, avoiding internet fragmentation, global digital governance and cooperation and cybersecurity, cybercrime and online safety. 

      IFLA's Internet Manifesto 2024 - Why is it relevant and who will benefit?

      7 November 2023

        IFLA approved its fist Internet Manifesto in 2002, providing early recognition of the vital role that the Internet plays in the library and information services field. In 2014, a second version of the manifesto was published, not only to reflect on the changes that the Internet had gone through those years, but also to reaffirm the crucial role of libraries in ensuring equitable access to the Internet and supporting freedom of access to information.

        Libraries' Role in Advancing Digital Equity in Africa: Collaborative Efforts at ITU Regional Development Forum for Africa 2023

        14 October 2023

          IFLA was represented at the 2023 International Telecommunications Union Regional Development Forum for Africa, engaging with regulators, businesses, academics and civil society partners to make the case for libraries to be integrated into wider digital inclusion plans, and so realise their potential to become community innovation and co-creation hubs.

          Evolutions in public access - zero draft of the Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries report

          11 October 2023

            As part of our engagement at the UN Internet Governance Forum, we are happy to release a zero draft of the report of the Dynamic Coalition on Public Access in Libraries' report for 2023. 20 years on from the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) Plan of Action, which highlighted the role of public access at the global level, it looks at how this has evolved over time. 

            10 years into the Marrakesh Treaty: what does the data say?

            14 March 2023

              With key copyright decision-makers meeting this week in Geneva at WIPO, we are happy to follow up on our report with an overview of country-by-country implementation of the Marrakesh Treaty with an analysis of the data as a whole. This demonstrates both the effectiveness of international action in driving national change, and the fact that most countries have sought to maximise the possibilities created to provide access for persons with print disabilities.