Thanks to the continued efforts of IFLA’s Language Centres, Regional Offices, and volunteer networks, IFLA’s Governance Review Draft Proposal, released in English on 19 June, is being made available in all seven of IFLA’s official languages.

Spanish and Chinese translations of the draft proposal are already available.

As a rule, IFLA makes available as many translations as possible, within its available resources, and within the understanding that this is only feasible with substantial help of the various language communities.

The IFLA Governance Review Draft Proposal reflects your desire for more transparency, efficiency and collaboration, stronger regional representation, greater financial and organisational sustainability, more varied opportunities for participation, and better support for volunteers.

We are grateful for the continued translation support from our Language Centres, Regional Offices, and volunteer networks and encourage you to share the news widely within your own language communities.

Gerald Leitner
IFLA Secretary General