Management & Marketing - 25th AnniversaryIFLA’s Management and Marketing Section (M&M) Standing Committee is celebrating its 25th anniversary from 2022 to 2023. In honor of this milestone birthday, the Committee is interviewing several of our past and current M&M members who have made significant contributions through their work in support of the related areas of management and marketing.

We are delighted to announce that these interviews are being recorded and shared as a podcast. In keeping with IFLA’s global mission, the conversations will be recorded in official languages, and can be translated via YouTube. Transcripts will be available for all episodes. 

 Dr. Dinesh Gupta and Roxana Huaman HuriartThe podcast features conversations with an international roster of both past and current M&M members including: Dr. Réjean Savard (Canada) interviewed by Antoine Torrens-Montebello (France); Christina Tovoté (Sweden) interviewed by Catharina Isberg (Sweden); Dr. Christie Koontz (USA) interviewed by Jeannie Bail (Canada); Dr. Dinesh Gupta (India) interviewed by Roxana Huaman Huriarte (Peru); Nancy Gwinn (USA) interviewed by Romeo Muvhulawa Matumba (South Africa), with more in the works. 

The M&M 25th Anniversary Podcast is available to stream and download through Spotify and YouTube.

About IFLA M&M

The Section was formed as the Round Table on Management. A growing interest in marketing resulted in the IFLA Professional Board establishing a new Section on Management and Marketing (M&M) in 1997.

Each year, M&M presents the IFLA PressReader International Library Marketing Award. The Section also holds mid-term and satellite meetings around the world and organizes sessions for the World Library and Information Congress, often in partnership with other Sections.

The work of M&M is supported by its Information Team, the Coaching Initiative Working Group, and Management Skills Building Working Group and Library Management Skill Building Blog

This unit is part of the Professional Division D.

Special thanks to Convenor Anna Maria Tammaro (Italy) and the Library History SIG and its Oral History working group for allowing M&M to develop and/or adapt documentation to ensure that interviews follow IFLA standards and best practices. Also, thank you to Dr. Raymond Pun (United States) of Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning (CPDWL), who has lent his expertise to the project. Dr. Pun’s responsiveness, encouragement and thoughtful advice were much appreciated; he is the project lead and host of the CPDWL Podcast Project.

And, of course, many thanks to the entire M&M section, chaired by Anya Feltreuter (Sweden), and the 25th Anniversary working group. Members include: Jeannie Bail (Lead), Nick Boxem (the Netherlands), Cindy Hill (USA), Roxana Huaman Huriarte, Christie Koontz and Romeo Matumba.