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Safer Internet Day in Lithuanian Libraries

9 February 2021

    Every February, libraries around the world support and take part in the Safer Internet Day campaign - to raise awareness and organise learning opportunities to help young people navigate the internet safely and confidently. Jolita Steponaitienė, the President of Lithuanian Librarian‘s Association, offers a look at how libraries in Lithuania continue to champion Safer Interent Day initiatives in 2021.

    Safer Internet Day: Experiences in Latvian Libraries

    9 February 2021

      Every February, many countries celebrate and organise events dedicated to Safer Internet Day. Promoting digital literacy - including the fundamentals of online safety and privacy - has long been an important part of many libraries’ offer. So how can libraries support the Safer Internet Day campaign – and why should they take part? To offer a look from Latvia – a country where libraries have been championing Safer Internet Days for many years – Inga Niedra from the Latvian Culture Information Systems Centre shared some insights.

      A Look Ahead to the 2020 Internet Governance Forum

      2 November 2020

        Between 2 and 17 November, the first fully-virtual Internet Governance Forum will bring together stakeholders from around the globe. IFLA continues to engage – and encourages libraries to take part in – discussions on how the internet works and should be governed in many areas that impact the library field. From digital inclusion to privacy, access to content, accessibility, digital skills and beyond – there are many relevant discussions worth engaging in.

        Every Community Connected: A Call to Action, a Pledge to Engage

        16 October 2020

          IFLA is proud to sign up to two documents addressing a key issue of our time – the digital divide. The first calls on governments to act to support investment in wider connectivity and the libraries that help users make the most of it. The second represents a pledge to do all in our power to promote digital inclusion, and is open to wider signatures.

          IFLA at the 2020 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum: Access to Information and Meaningful Digital Inclusion

          8 October 2020

            The 2020 Asia Pacific Regional Internet Governance Forum took place between 27 and 30 of September. This platform offers unique opportunities for dialogue and collaboration among the different stakeholders interested and engaged in the way the Internet works and is governed in a region that includes the majority of the world’s population. An IFLA-led workshop explored the policy and practice perspectives on meaningful digital inclusion and access to information, drawing on the work and experiences of libraries in the region.

            Understanding Library Tech Needs and Readiness: a new IFLA Briefing

            7 October 2020

              Information technology continues to have a fundamental impact on the library sector; and libraries’, library users’ and policy-makers’ expectations of library services are evolving alongside technological developments and changing community needs. To make sure libraries are able to deliver on these tasks, suitable and fit-for-purpose library ICT infrastructure equipment and skills are crucial. The new IFLA briefing offers an overview of common recurring themes in relevant literature and key considerations for assessing library ‘tech readiness’.