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Who is funding library projects? New open data resource

22 April 2024

    In addition to core funding received from host institutions, governments or others, libraries represent great partners for others who share our commitment to supporting sustainable development. The results of a project made possible by Stichting IFLA Global Libraries, and carried out by The Doyenne Project, give an idea of who has a track-record of supporting libraries among private donors and public development agencies.

    Launch of 'Everywhere All the Time' - a digital literacy intervention that fosters critical conversations about technology and AI

    16 April 2024

      With a growing generation of people relying on the internet for learning, entertainment and socializing, it's crucial to cultivate their capacity to ask critical questions about how technology impacts their lives, their communities and the planet. But how can educators guide teens to understand and navigate the digital world confidently? “Everywhere, All the Time” is a creative and playful digital literacy intervention, aiming to do just that.

      Key Advocacy Dates in 2024 - January - August

      12 January 2024

        As we enter 2024, we’re happy to share the latest edition of our regular forward look into key dates and events in the next few months for library advocacy. These are opportunities to get involved in wider conversations, and underline how essential libraries are for success across the full range of development goals. Take a look through, and think where you want and could be able to get involved! 

        Libraries, advocacy & digital affairs - 10 things to look out for in 2024

        12 January 2024

          In 2023, digital policy developments gained significant momentum. The development of AI and many other emerging technologies gave place to the acceleration of regulation in different areas that concern the library and information field. Because of this, we believe that 2024 will be a pivotal year for advocating in this area and making sure that the global voice of libraries remains strong.

          Libraries delivering on UN goals in Sub-Saharan Africa

          20 October 2023

            Representatives of four different UN agencies met with over fifty librarians from across Sub-Saharan Africa at our mini-conference on how libraries can contribute to delivering the goals of the United Nations, identifying a wealth of opportunities for engagement. This event was made possible thanks to a grant from Stichting IFLA Global Libraries. 

            Record year for library references in Voluntary National Reviews of SDG implementation

            18 July 2023

              For the first time, over half of the official reviews of national efforts to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as presented at the United Nations, refer to the contributions of libraries. This is a welcome recognition of the work of our field. This report explores and analyses these references, providing an advocacy tool for others in pushing for stronger recognition of and support for libraries in SDG delivery.