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Record year for library references in Voluntary National Reviews of SDG implementation

18 July 2023

    For the first time, over half of the official reviews of national efforts to implement the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), as presented at the United Nations, refer to the contributions of libraries. This is a welcome recognition of the work of our field. This report explores and analyses these references, providing an advocacy tool for others in pushing for stronger recognition of and support for libraries in SDG delivery.

    Library advocacy tales: securing long-term funding for community libraries in Argentina

    6 July 2022

      In the first of an occasional series focused on successful advocacy initiatives by libraries around the world, we look to Argentina, where a recent decision saw a commitment to funding community libraries for 50 years. To find out more about what was achieved, and how, we interviewed the Chair of IFLA's Regional Division Committee for Latin America and the Caribbean, Alejandro Santa.

      Innovating and enterprising for libraries in development initiatives: interview with Merve Yavuzdemir

      1 June 2022

        At the heart of the work of IFLA and the library field as a whole around the SDGs is the fact that libraries are partners for development, across the policy agenda. As a result, it makes sense that libraries should also be involved in wider initiatives that look to deliver on development goals, at the national and international levels. We interviewed Merve Yavuzdemir from Turkey, who is running library projects with the United Nations Development Programme, to find out more, and to underline the possibilities for libraries everywhere to be proactive in taking a place at the table!

        Helping every library work with the SDGs: Interview with Nathalice Cardoso

        17 January 2022

          The United Nations 2030 Agenda is not just a document for governments, rather it sets out responsibilities for everyone, including libraries! However, it is not always easy to make the connection between high-level policy documents and day-to-day library operations. We interviewed Natalice Cardoso, to find out about her work in engaging libraries in questions around the Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals

          IFLA Trend Report 2021 Update released!

          6 January 2022

            IFLA is happy to share the 2021 Update of its Trend Report, based on the ideas submitted by emerging library leaders ahead of our World Library and Information Congress. We invite you to look through, and think how these trends will interact and impact upon our institutions, our profession and our communities.