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Promoting Cross-Border Connections between Libraries and the IFLA Strategy: An Interview on the UK Working Internationally Initiative

8 January 2020

    IFLA’s Strategy 2019-2024 is driving efforts to create an inspired, engaged, enabled and connected library field. Success will depend on libraries and library associations being ready to think and work internationally. We interviewed Rabeea Arif, the Working Internationally Project Manager at CILIP, the UK Library Association, about work in the United Kingdom.

    From Strategy to Action with IFLA’s Professional Units

    24 October 2019

      IFLA's Professional Units are major actors when it comes to inspiring and enhancing professional practice. With their new 2019-2020 workplans, the Professional Units will help turn IFLA's Strategy into action. It's a powerful start! Our main question now is: how do YOU act in the spirit of IFLA's Strategy?