More and more of you are joining the RSCVD Community (Resource Sharing Collaborative and Voluntary Document Delivery) and so we would just like to tell you that we celebrate the RSCVD birthday!

It was four years ago on 21 April 2020 that, during the early days of the COVID pandemic, the IFLA/DDRS committee launched an initiative to share resources with libraries throughout the world.

The project – which started as just a basic Excel spreadsheet allowing users to request articles – was a huge success and so popular was it that following COVID, we decided to continue the service and further develop it with the official support of IFLA.

As such we are now pleased to launch the RSCVD App powered by Talaria. The old RSCVD request form will migrate on April 21st 2024 to this app and the old form will be closed. You can find the link to the new app here.

If you would like to stay updated with our work, please subscribe to the the RSCVD mailing list and please use the new app for all requests.

If you have not yet joined the RSCVD community, more information can be found on the RSCVD web. You can also contact us at

Thank you and, once again, happy birthday to the RSCVD Community!