The IFLA Information Literacy Section aims to lead the development and the promotion of information literacy at a global level.


The primary purpose of the Information Literacy Section (ILS) is to foster collaboration and cooperation in the development and promotion of information literacy education in all types of libraries and information institutions around world.

Information literacy is a cornerstone for lifelong learning. “To be information literate, a person must be able to recognize when information is needed and have the ability to locate, evaluate and use effectively the needed information” (American Library Association, 1989).

The Information Literacy Section provides an international platform for libraries and educational communities to share and improve information literacy practices, research in IFLA and with the broader library community. Working collaboratively with international and education communities, the Section organise programmes and activities that focus on various aspects of information literacy and areas for professional development, research and practice, education and training.


IFLA members can join as many sections as they want, even beyond the number of sections allocated to their category. We welcome associations, institutions, and personal members to join the Information Literacy Section to contribute to the success of teaching and enhancing information literacy skills to all lifelong learners. Please complete the IFLA membership application form and be sure to register for the Information Literacy Section.

This unit is part of the Professional Division E.