IFLA Sections and their Section numbers

Nombreorden ascendente Número
Subject Analysis and Access Section 29
Statistics and Evaluation Section 22
Social Science Libraries Section 05
Serials and Other Continuing Resources Section 16
Science and Technology Libraries Section 07
School Libraries Section 11
Reference and Information Services Section 36
Rare Books and Special Collections Section 18
Public Libraries Section 08
Preservation and Conservation Section 19
News Media Section 39
National Libraries Section 01
Metropolitan Libraries Section 46
Management of Library Associations Section 40
Management and Marketing Section 34
Local History and Genealogy Section 37
Literacy and Reading Section 33
Library Theory and Research Section 24
Library Services to People with Special Needs Section 09
Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section 32
Library Buildings and Equipment Section 20
Library and Research Services for Parliaments Section 03
Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities Section 31
Libraries for Children and Young Adults Section 10
Law Libraries Section 48
Latin America and the Caribbean Section 27
Knowledge Management Section 47
Information Technology Section 21
Information Literacy Section 42
Indigenous Matters Section 50
Health and Biosciences Libraries Section 28
Government Libraries Section 04
Government Information and Official Publications Section 17
Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Section 49
Education and Training Section 23
Document Delivery and Resource Sharing (DDRS) Section 15
Continuing Professional Development and Workplace Learning Section 43
Cataloguing Section 13
Bibliography Section 12
Audiovisual and Multimedia Section 35
Asia and Oceania Section 26
Art Libraries Section 30
Africa Section 25
Acquisition and Collection Development Section 14
Academic and Research Libraries Section 02