What does Open Science mean to you? Meet our new Open Science and Scholarship Advisory Committee

IFLA’s newest advisory committee, Open Science & Scholarship, was endorsed by the Governing Board in 2023. The committee is using its first term to August 2025 to further define IFLA’s contributions to these issues, raise awareness among the Federation, collaborate with other IFLA units and partners to to shape opinion and debate around open access and library values, including intellectual freedom and human rights. Other issues that intersect with open science and scholarship include copyright reform and rights retention, equity and diversity (in all forms), trust and misinformation.

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  • 11 March 2024

Libraries: a key infrastructure for adult learning and education

IFLA participated at the 2023 World Assembly on Adult Education, celebrating the 50th Anniversary of our sister organisation, the International Council for Adult Education. Engaging with professionals and activists from around the world, we underlined the ability and readiness of libraries to realise their potential to make a reality of learning for all.

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  • 07 December 2023

Libraries as Literacy Champions: an Indonesian Case Study

To mark International Literacy Day 2022, we’re taking a look at the work done by libraries in Indonesia in order to help the over 8.5 million people lacking basic literacy skills there to develop the capacities they need to participate fully in the knowledge society.

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  • 07 September 2022

Recovering stronger, recovering together in cities: libraries engage at G20 Urban20 Conference

IFLA has participated for the first time in a G20 related summit, the Urban 20 summit, held in Jakarta, Indonesia. Drawing on the excellent work and examples of the Indonesian library field, we underlined the importance of inclusive education policies, mobilising core infrastrucutre such as libraries, and basing decision on cultural insights. 

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  • 02 September 2022

Enabling Cities, Caring Cities

IFLA is proud to be working with the National Library of Indonesia to host a side-event to the Urban 20 meeting of mayors, focused on how cities can draw on all elements of their learning infrastructure to deliver inclusive education. The event takes place on 30 August 2022, from 9am local time.

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  • 29 August 2022

Urban 20 Summit

The Urban 20 Summit brings together mayors from G20 countries around the world in order to explore and highlight the role of cities in achieving key policy objectives. IFLA will participate in the meeting, using the opportunity to underline how a new vision of libraries, and concerted efforts to support and mobilise them. 

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  • 16 August 2022