Our Action Plan outlines the key objectives for our Section in the upcoming year. Take a look at our News feed to read updates on our progress.

A report on these activities will be published in the 2016 Annual Report, available around the end of the year in 2016.

If you have questions about our work, suggestions about what you would like us to work on, or you would like to help us, please contact one of the members of the Standing Committee.

Project/Activity outcomes are linked to relevant webpages. 

Objective 1

ITS will investigate, evaluate, and communicate knowledge and practical advice about ICT innovations that have or could become significant potential for library services in present or in future, but which have not been widely adopted for different reasons. (Key initiative 2.1 Advocating for a long-term, sustainable information environment)

  • Arrange joint main session together with Genealogy & Local History Section on “Local collections, digital preservation, technology” at WLIC 2017
  • Arrange Mid-Term conference together with News Media Section in Iceland, April 27-28 2017

Objective 2

Develop, promote, and communicate technologies, services, and new developments in digital library services and standards to relevant communities within IFLA.

  • Arrange joint main session together with Division III and New Professionals Special Interest Group on “Disruptions in library services: change as the new normal” at WLIC 2017
  • Arrange joint satellite together with Reference & Information Services Section, on “Innovation & the User Experience: Evaluating & Implementing Discovery Systems” at WLIC 2017
  • Sponsor Cataloguing Section session on “Data interoperability, user interaction with information" at WLIC 2017

Objective 3

ITS will investigate, evaluate, and communicate knowledge about applicable ICT for access to information resources, with special attention to enhancing access to resources in developing countries and for users with special accessibility needs.

Objective 4

We will identify and promote standards, guidelines and best practices for the management of information and ICT resources, and improve efficiency and service level of library operations, and interoperability between library systems and between library services and other information services. This includes issues such as metadata and data structures, data manipulation techniques and long-term availability of electronic information.

  • Arrange joint session with National Libraries Section on “A memory bank for the digital society: national libraries & web archiving” at WLIC 2017.
  • Arrange joint satellite meeting with Genealogy & Local History Section on “Multi-ethnicity, digital preservation, technology" at WLIC 2017
  • Arrange joint satellite with Library Theory & Research Section on “Data, curators, roles & responsibility” at WLIC 2017.

Objective 5

We will work as a consultation body for IFLA projects, activities and section programs and will encourage and support projects within the scope of the strategic plan by maintaining close contacts with other IFLA sections and Core Activities, as well as with other international and national associations and organizations focused on ICT.

Objective 6

ITS will identify and collaborate with other agencies to promote best practices for the inclusion of the voices of women, disadvantaged communities, and ableness, in relation to the development, creation and maintenance of information and IT resources.   

  • Arrange joint main session with Women, Information & Libraries SIG on “Women, Open Technology, & Culture” at WLIC 2017