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Out Now: June 2023 issue of IFLA Journal

9 June 2023

    Opening with an essay on Dutch libraries that highlights the library community in The Netherlands for the 2023 WLIC in Rotterdam, the June 2023 issue of IFLA Journal features 16 articles that represent several timely issues for the profession.

    Out Now: October 2022 issue of IFLA Journal

    23 September 2022

      The October 2022 issue of IFLA Journal was developed in collaboration with the IFLA Advisory Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression (FAIFE) to mark the 20th anniversary of the IFLA Statement on Libraries and Intellectual Freedom.

      Out Now: June 2022 issue of IFLA Journal

      29 June 2022

        The June 2022 issue of IFLA Journal is a special issue on preservation storage and curation strategies. The aim of the issue is to demonstrate how storage choices affect the goals of libraries, influencing everything from preservation to access.

        Out Now: March 2022 issue of IFLA Journal

        24 March 2022

          The IFLA Journal Special Issue on COVID-19 explores how the pandemic brought about innovation in libraries. Guest edited by IFLA Journal editorial board member Milena Dobreva from Sofia University, Bulgaria and Hermina Anghelescu from Wayne State University, USA, the journal includes 18 articles that range from original research to case studies and review articles.

          Out Now: December 2021 issue of IFLA Journal

          20 January 2022

            The December 2021 issue contains 13 articles from across the domains of library and information science. Ranging from the impacts of neoliberal policies on public libraries to the development of future-ready schools libraries through design thinking, each article provides an important perspectives on historical and contemporary trends that impact libraries, librarians, and their publics.

            Out Now: October 2021 issue of IFLA Journal: Special Issue on Indigenous Librarianship

            1 November 2021

              The IFLA Journal special issue on Indigenous Librarianship strives to position libraries and librarianship through an indigenous worldview and ways of knowing. Each article takes is own perspective on the topic, exploring issues such as colonization, reconciliation, representation and imagery, digital access, and resource management. The issue is the result of collaboration with IFLA Journal and the Indigenous Matters Section of IFLA.