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Change to membership of the IFLA Governing Board 

6 April 2023

    IFLA has received a statement from the Management of Library Associations Section (MLAS) on removing Halo Locher from the position of MLAS Chair and therefore from the Governing Board. The decision affects the composition of the Governing Board until a new Chair of MLAS is elected who will then become a member of the Governing Board.

    Webinar Series: Libraries of the Future

    6 April 2023

      The webinar series is for those with an interest in the works of professional sections that are organized under Division F. Representatives from each section will deliver a short presentation about the future libraries look like in their areas.

      Providing a response to the evidence gap: libraries at the Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development

      4 April 2023

        Gaps were at the heart of the discucssion at the 2023 Asia-Pacific Forum for Sustainable Development in Bangkok, Thailand. These exist both in between the  situation today and the goals the United Nations have set for 2030, but also in the data and evidence we have to support progress. IFLA's representative at the event - Fathimath Nashfa of the Maldives - was about to highlight how libraries can contribute to both.