We are a hub for dialogue and action. We are the motor of a connected and aligned library field, characterised by a true spirit of collaboration, in which no librarian is left behind. We unite passions, provide platforms, and enable innovation, learning, and professional development at all levels. Through this, we respond to current challenges and opportunities, and empower the library field to deliver high quality services that meet community needs, and foster literacy, innovation, heritage preservation and access to information for all users.


3.1 Provide excellent opportunities for face-to-face networking and learning

We will maximise the potential of physical meetings as venues for uniting the library field and breaking down the barriers to collaboration, enabling access to new insights and knowledge, and promoting the sharing of ideas.

3.2 Support virtual networking and connections

We will develop a spirit of continuous collaboration in the library field through virtual networking tools that enable every librarian to be involved and engaged in a global conversation.

3.3 Empower the field at the national and regional levels

We will enhance the capacity of the library field to deliver actions tailored to regional and national characteristics and requirements by strengthening library associations, institutions and networks at all levels.

3.4 Provide targeted learning and professional development

We will provide a variety of learning opportunities that update current practices. We will build capacity to undertake community engagement and evaluation, make every librarian an advocate, and develop and connect the leaders of the future.