IFLA’s Strategy is not just designed to be a key reference point for the library field; its success depends on the mobilisation of our profession, working together in support of its goals.

Find out how IFLA Members around the world are working with the IFLA Strategy:

Australian Library and Information Association + IFLA Strategy: forging professional pathways

Honduran libraries + IFLA Strategy: defining, updating and aligning national strategies

Mexican libraries + IFLA Strategy: on the road to empowerment

Nicaraguan libraries + IFLA Strategy: all aboard for a national strategic plan

Russian libraries + IFLA Strategy: next generation library system

Iraqi Library Association + IFLA Strategy: where education and planning meet

Costa Rica Library Association + IFLA Strategy: allies in achieving the SDGs

Guyana Library Association + IFLA Strategy: resilient now and in the future

Fiji Library Association + IFLA Strategy: Reflections and Moving forward

Brazilian libraries: places of affective listening

Paraguayan libraries align with the IFLA Strategy

Suriname’s libraries align with the IFLA Strategy

Interviewing Nick Poole: a discussion about the IFLA Strategy

#IFLAFromHome in Latvia: An Innovative National Conference in Line with the IFLA Strategy