IFLA’s Strategy reflects and guides the efforts of all parts of IFLA, helping to align and focus the efforts of volunteers. Through their work. IFLA’s Professional Units are making a reality of the Strategy through their work.

Find out how IFLA Units worldwide are working with the IFLA Strategy:

IFLA Information Technology Section + IFLA Strategy: cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, future?

Units + Strategy: IFLA Indigenous Matters Section and the UNESCO Decade of Indigenous Languages

IFLA Africa Section + IFLA Strategy: discussing Fake News, the Infodemic, Digital Fatigue and Meta literacy

IFLA Library Services to Multicultural Populations Section + IFLA Strategy: organising inclusive events

IFLA GIOP Section + IFLA Strategy: demonstrating the importance of government information professionals

IFLA AO Section + IFLA Strategy: libraries and the UN SDGs in the Asia and Oceania Region

IFLA LibPub + IFLA Strategy: launching the global library publishing map

IFLA MLAS + IFLA Strategy: Engaging our membership

IFLA Management and Marketing Section + IFLA Strategy: International Marketing Award

IFLA Children & Young Adults Section + IFLA Strategy

IFLA RISS + IFLA Strategy: survival skills for a digital world

IFLA SET + IFLA Strategy: celebrating collaboration

IFLA ARL Section + IFLA Strategy: Acting locally, Reaching Globally

IFLA LAC Section + IFLA Strategy: Uniting libraries in Latin America & the Caribbean

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No matter your age: New Professionals – an open global network eager to meet you

IFLAPARL: Parliaments. Partnerships. Professional guidance

Can old buildings be turned into libraries? A sneak peek into ENSULIB’s upcoming open access book

Interlibrary loaning across the globe: a gap turned into a successful new global service by an IFLA Professional Unit

IFLA Coaching Initiative: a dynamic IFLA Professional Unit programme

IFLA celebrates World Refugee Day