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Using Technology to Teach Malaysians Media and Information Literacy Skills: e-LMM Portal for Malaysians at the National Library of Malaysia

23 February 2023

    The objectives of the e-LMM Portal are to enable the Media and Information Literacy Programme that was taught manually to be accessed online through the self-learning system platform. Besides that, the e-LMM portal also aims to facilitate the learning of media and information literacy skills regardless of time and place.

    National General Educational Electronic Library: A New Impetus for the Development of Information and Library Interaction

    23 February 2023

      The practice of international experience suggests that a good supply of high-quality information-library services to the public generates and meets their interests in science, education, information, and culture. Up-to-date information and communication technology must be efficiently utilised in the information-library supply system.

      Fiji Book Drive

      23 February 2023

        In 2011, Fiona observed the extent to which schools are under-resourced in Fiji. Her solution to this problem was to establish the Fiji Book Drive to deliver resources to these schools.