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Recording available: Northeast Asian libraries on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

24 May 2023

    As part of its SDG webinar series organized by the IFLA Asia-Oceania Regional Division Committee, this webinar focused on the best practices by Northeast Asian libraries and librarians to support the UN SDGs. Through this program, IFLA Regional Division Committee for Asia and Oceania aims to inspire and encourage colleagues within the region to advance their efforts to bring the UN SDGs to fruition.

    Recording available: The strategic role of government libraries in providing evidence to support the preparation of Voluntary National Reviews in Asia-Oceania

    24 May 2023

      IFLA's Asia-Oceania Regional Division delivered a regional webinar on “the strategic role of government libraries in providing evidence to support the preparation of Voluntary National Reviews”, as a side-event at this year’s Asia-Pacific Forum on Sustainable Development (APFSD) organised by the office on United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific – UN ESCAP in Bangkok.

      Using Technology to Teach Malaysians Media and Information Literacy Skills: e-LMM Portal for Malaysians at the National Library of Malaysia

      23 February 2023

        The objectives of the e-LMM Portal are to enable the Media and Information Literacy Programme that was taught manually to be accessed online through the self-learning system platform. Besides that, the e-LMM portal also aims to facilitate the learning of media and information literacy skills regardless of time and place.

        National General Educational Electronic Library: A New Impetus for the Development of Information and Library Interaction

        23 February 2023

          The practice of international experience suggests that a good supply of high-quality information-library services to the public generates and meets their interests in science, education, information, and culture. Up-to-date information and communication technology must be efficiently utilised in the information-library supply system.

          Fiji Book Drive

          23 February 2023

            In 2011, Fiona observed the extent to which schools are under-resourced in Fiji. Her solution to this problem was to establish the Fiji Book Drive to deliver resources to these schools.