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When Hangzhou Meets Milan: A Joint Endeavor by Hangzhou and Milan Public Libraries Showcases “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition

19 February 2024

    The “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition, a collaborative project between Hangzhou Public Library and its international sister library, Milan Public Library, was successfully held in Milan, Italy, from September 16 to November 30,2023. Beyond strengthening the connection between libraries, the exhibition also aimed to foster mutual respect and understanding between Eastern and Western cultures, contributing to the advancement of the creative and cultural industries in both cities.

    Community Outreach Programme for SERLIN Member Libraries

    19 February 2024

      As part of a community outreach drive, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL) libraries have decided to extend its services to the libraries across the Ampara district by establishing a Library & Information Network under the umbrella of SEUSL libraries. This library and information network has been named “South Eastern Regional Library & Information Network (SERLIN), Sri Lanka”. Read more

      Community Engagement and Expansion: The Role of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Public Library

      19 February 2024

        The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation is dedicated to integrating the library into our patrons' daily lives and forging lasting connections. Going beyond conventional roles, our library prioritises strong relationships, offering personalised services and community-driven initiatives. By actively engaging with its diverse community, the library became a trusted partner in intellectual and cultural enrichment, ensuring it transcends its physical space to evolve into an essential, vibrant component of our patrons’ everyday experiences.

        The Bunus River Urban Garden: A Garden in The Heart Of Kuala Lumpur

        19 February 2024

          The stakeholders of KBSB have shown the effectiveness of an urban garden in bringing people together. They have organised programmes throughout the year and each event is closely linked to gardening and the products that can be harvested from the garden. Several stakeholders have become successful entrepreneurs through the sale of products from their plots at KBSB. Read more

          Digital Cultural Heritage: Theory and Practice

          19 February 2024

            Cultural heritage and digital technologies are viewed as interconnected entities, where there is no relationship of dependency to any party at the expense of the other. This complementary relationship can create unique products that blend national cultural heritage with contemporary developments and changes.

            WEBINAR Recording: Tips for Your First Research Paper — From Proposal to Publish

            11 December 2023

              As part of "Publish and Share Your Research: Suggestions from Editors and Librarians Seminar Series", this webinar focused on the tips and tools on literature search and research publishing. Through this seminar series, researchers at the University of Hong Kong and around the world could gain insights on formulating research topic, conducting research, and publishing and promoting research.