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Training Course: Practical Methods for the Scientific Examination of Library Objects

17 January 2019

    The IFLA PAC Centre at Qatar National Library invites all libraries, cultural institutions and museums in the region to nominate paper and book conservators to attend this three-day training course: Practical Methods for the Scientific Examination of Library Objects, held at the headquarters of the National Records and Archives Authority in the Sultanate of Oman 19-21 February 2019.

    Celebrating Books, Celebrating Access: Kuala Lumpur Announced as World Book Capital 2020

    20 September 2018

      UNESCO has announced that Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, will be World Book Capital 2020. Taking up the status on 23 April 2020, it will, for a year, be the focus of efforts and activities to promote books and reading for all. Following a successful World Library and Information Congress, it will be a further opportunity for Malaysia’s libraries to show their ability to reach out to the hard to reach.

      Syrian experts attend workshop at the PAC Regional Centre for Asia

      20 June 2018

        The PAC Regional Centre for Asia at the National Diet Library (NDL) of Japan is one of the sixteen IFLA PAC Centres that are spread all over the globe. The PAC Centres have a wide range of expertise concerning preservation and conservation as well as safeguarding cultural heritage. The PAC Regional Centre for Asia is specialised in paper conservation and digitization, it was this expertise that was shared with experts from Syria.

        IFLA Congratulates New Senior Staff at UNESCO

        12 April 2018

          As the leading UN institution working on education, science and culture, UNESCO is a key partner for libraries. IFLA already engages with the institution across a wide variety of issues, from cultural heritage at risk to Internet universality. The announcement of four new senior appointments in key sectors – in education, culture and communications and information, as well as a new Deputy Director-General – is therefore a useful opportunity to reaffirm these relationships.

          Two Past IFLA Presidents Participate in the 7th International Summit of the Book

          11 April 2018

            The book retains its status as a symbol of the possibility to preserve and share knowledge, the foundation of our evolution and development. Libraries continue to focus on collecting and giving access to books, alongside other resources now, and have a key function in preserving historic texts for the future. This was the message at the 7th International Summit of the Book, held in Baku, Azerbaijan 18-19 March 2018, which two past IFLA Presidents helped open.

            Shared History, Shared Challenges, Shared Efforts – Preserving Francophone African Heritage

            14 December 2017

              The countries of French-speaking Africa have a rich and diverse history. Much of this is recorded not through books or manuscripts, but through a vibrant tradition of oral history and know-how. Yet with preservation practices not always well-suited to these forms of heritage, and limited resources available, the need for cooperation in order to ensure that they are not lost is essential. A conference in Dakar on 17-19 November explored how best to do this.

              Making Digital Durable: IFLA Celebrates First International Digital Preservation Day

              30 November 2017

                Digital technologies have massively reduced the costs of producing and sharing information, and have allowed for an explosion of creativity. But to ensure we have a record of this for future generations, we need to act today. IFLA is therefore celebrating the first International Digital Preservation Day as an opportunity to mark the work already done, and highlight the challenges before us.