We maximise our ability to deliver on our missions in the present and future. We prepare for the long term through the development of ambitious yet realistic plans for ongoing stability and sustainability. Key to this are efforts to grow and diversify our membership, strengthen our regional presence, and actively engage members through an effective professional structure and a wide variety of volunteering possibilities. We will increase our visibility, and provide efficient, effective, and innovative services and support.


4.1 Foster the long-term financial continuity and stability of the organisation

We will plan for the future, developing financial strategies and options for long-term sustainability, based on a strong understanding of potential partnerships and a capacity to seize new opportunities.

4.2 Effectively mobilise our human resources and networks

We will maximise the potential of all of our people and encourage change and innovation through dynamic units and structures, a high-performing headquarters team, effective regional offices, language centres and attractive and varied volunteering opportunities.

4.3 Increase, diversify and engage our membership

We will reinforce our position as the most representative global library organisation through a membership strategy that promotes diversity, engagement and action. We are recognised as an organisation that listens and responds to its members’ expectations.

4.4 Increase our visibility through excellent and innovative communications

We will strengthen our brand and ability to deliver high quality, high impact and engaging communications tailored to the needs of the global library and information community.