What is a Green Library?

green and sustainable library is a library which takes into account environmental, economic and social sustainability. Green and sustainable libraries may be of any size, but they should have a clear sustainability agenda.

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The Green Library Checklists

The following items provide guides or checklists to aspects of planning, construction, and library operations. They are not exhaustive, but should help ensure that everything has been considered. This page will be updated as more information is discovered.

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The Green Library Tools

The goal of this growing Green Libraries Toolbox is to provide resources and stories to help all people working in libraries to learn, investigate, find partners and discover ways to get involved with sustainability in libraries. This first version of this document is based on a previous work carried out by Petra Hauke, current Secretary of IFLA’s ENSULIB Section, whom we thank for her great compilation work.

We welcome anyone who wants to submit references and resources for this open publication. Please send an email to: rtoril@oapn.es.

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