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Generously sponsored by De Gruyter Publishing, the IFLA Green Library Award is given to libraries and projects that best communicate their commitment to environmental sustainability.

Objectives of the IFLA Green Library Award

  • To reward Green Libraries / Green Library Projects that best communicate their commitment to environmental sustainability
  • To create awareness of libraries’ social responsibility and leadership in environmental education
  • To support the worldwide green library movement, concerned with
    • environmentally sustainable buildings
    • environmentally sustainable services, activities, programming, information resources, collections and projects
    • conservation of resources and energy
  • To promote the development of green library initiatives locally, regionally and worldwide
  • To encourage all types of libraries to actively present their green activities to an international audience

Following the IFLA Key Initiative 1.1 Show the power of libraries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the award will help in advancing the profession through illuminating the role of libraries and librarians in the advancement of sustainability standards and the promotion of specialized knowledge within professional practice.

The prize is awarded in two categories:

  • Category 1: Best Green Library / Grand Scale Project
  • Category 2: Best Green Library Project

A special recognition may be given to a project that was carried out with minimal resources but has a big impact.

IFLA Green Library Award 2024

Past Award winners