Book Publications

Originally in cooperation with the Berlin School for Library and Information Science at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany, and with support from IFLA Library Buildings and Equipment Section and from ENSULIB, several book projects were completed. They all focus on sustainability from various points of view. All publications are available online, as open access/under an open access license. 

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The Green Library Website

The following items created by ENSULIB provide a definition of the term “Green Library”, a Green Library Checklist with aspects of planning, construction, and library operations; Green Library tools; an International Green Library Bibliography; and a Green Library Poster.

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From December 2021, ENSULIB publishes its official newsletter twice a year. It reviews ENSULIB’s activities and achievements and provides a platform for presenting interesting stories, events or projects from libraries all over the world, which follow a clear green and sustainable commitment.

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IFLA ENSULIB Webinar Series

ENSULIB holds free webinars irregularly on the topics related to the green and sustainable libraries and library projects, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and other relevant emerging trends.

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IFLA Green Library Award

In line with IFLA Key Initiative 1.1: Show the power of libraries in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, the award helps to advance the profession through illuminating the role of libraries and librarians in the advancement of sustainability standards and the promotion of specialized knowledge within professional practice.

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ENSULIB has its Communications Team to support the communications work for the Section. The Team consists of the following members:

Information Coordinator:  Antonia Mocatta

Website & Repository: Beth Filar Williams, Antonia Mocatta, Priscilla Pun

Social Media: Antonia Mocatta,Janet Wagner, Vivienne Byrd, Ana Zdravje, Merve Yavuzdemir

Virtual Events: Vivienne Byrd, Antonia Mocatta, Beth Filar Williams, Priscilla Pun