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A Coastal Paradise, Dawei Millennium Centre

6 June 2022

    A self-sustaining community library, Dawei Millennium Centre, was established in 2007 by five university graduates in the city of Dawei, the capital of Tanintharyi region, Myanmar. The library was founded in the region with the ultimate goal of transforming the community into a knowledgeable and digitally literate society.

    Is Your Library & Information Science (LIS) School on the IFLA Map? Be Part of a Strong and Visible Network

    6 June 2022

      Locating LIS schools worldwide is often challenging as there are no global databases currently in existence. The IFLA global database and map of LIS schools and programmes is an international collaborative project launched by the IFLA Building Strong Library and Information Science Education (IFLA-BSLISE) Working Group to address this gap. The global interactive database will be built using data gathered through an online questionnaire to be completed by LIS schools.