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Using Innovative Technologies to Reimagine Libraries and Archives Services in the National Library Board, Singapore

7 May 2024

    NLB has been working with public and private partners since April 2023 to explore innovative ways of leveraging technologies to engage our patrons in Singapore stories and connect them to our rich history. One such approach is the use of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) for new ways that our users can engage with Singapore content and foster stronger connections to our history. These endeavours also contribute to Singapore's approach of using “AI for the Public Good”, where technologies, including AI, can be used as a transformational force for good.


    7 May 2024

      Malaysia will host CONSAL XIX in 2025, marking the first in-person meeting after a seven-year gap. The theme for CONSAL XIX is Inclusive Knowledge: Bridging Divides, Empowering All with the tagline Leveraging Inclusivity, Empowering Humanity. The theme focuses on inclusivity through the practice of providing equal access and resources to all. It promotes the belief that knowledge and empowerment should be accessible to everyone. The emphasis is on bridging the various divides that exists, be it socioeconomic, cultural, technological, or any other forms of divide seen or unseen.

      INCITE in Conversation

      7 May 2024

        The INCITE in Conversation webinar series, organised by the Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), invites one or several of the authors from the most recent edition of INCITE magazine to talk about the topics covered in their articles.

        Planning for the future of knowledge and information in Asia-Oceania

        7 May 2024

          Within the Asia-Oceania region, we have a lot to be proud of in the work of colleagues. We are where some of the most innovative, exciting initiatives in the global library field are taking place, ranging from applications of the latest technology to finding ways to offer library services in the face of challenges. There is so much to share with the global library field, and so much to contribute to the discussion about how we can respond to, and engage with trends in the knowledge and information environment. This is exactly what we’re hoping to do at the IFLA Information Futures Summit.

          Albukhary International University: A Tapestry of Vision, Values, and Architectural Grandeur

          27 February 2024

            In the heart of Alor Setar, Albukhary International University (AIU) stands as a testament to architectural brilliance, resonating with the inspired historical design reflecting the grandeur of classical Islamic architecture from the golden age of knowledge. Beyond its physical beauty, AIU is distinguished by the diversity of its multicultural students, representing over 60 nationalities. As a private nonprofit education institution, AIU was founded with the aim to provide an opportunity for talented, driven, yet underprivileged individuals to pursue higher education, transforming them into holistic, adaptable, balanced, well-rounded, and life-ready graduates poised to be agents of change in societies. Read more

            When Hangzhou Meets Milan: A Joint Endeavor by Hangzhou and Milan Public Libraries Showcases “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition

            19 February 2024

              The “Hangzhou Feel” Exhibition, a collaborative project between Hangzhou Public Library and its international sister library, Milan Public Library, was successfully held in Milan, Italy, from September 16 to November 30,2023. Beyond strengthening the connection between libraries, the exhibition also aimed to foster mutual respect and understanding between Eastern and Western cultures, contributing to the advancement of the creative and cultural industries in both cities.

              Community Outreach Programme for SERLIN Member Libraries

              19 February 2024

                As part of a community outreach drive, South Eastern University of Sri Lanka (SEUSL) libraries have decided to extend its services to the libraries across the Ampara district by establishing a Library & Information Network under the umbrella of SEUSL libraries. This library and information network has been named “South Eastern Regional Library & Information Network (SERLIN), Sri Lanka”. Read more

                Community Engagement and Expansion: The Role of the Abdul Hameed Shoman Public Library

                19 February 2024

                  The Abdul Hameed Shoman Foundation is dedicated to integrating the library into our patrons' daily lives and forging lasting connections. Going beyond conventional roles, our library prioritises strong relationships, offering personalised services and community-driven initiatives. By actively engaging with its diverse community, the library became a trusted partner in intellectual and cultural enrichment, ensuring it transcends its physical space to evolve into an essential, vibrant component of our patrons’ everyday experiences.

                  The Bunus River Urban Garden: A Garden in The Heart Of Kuala Lumpur

                  19 February 2024

                    The stakeholders of KBSB have shown the effectiveness of an urban garden in bringing people together. They have organised programmes throughout the year and each event is closely linked to gardening and the products that can be harvested from the garden. Several stakeholders have become successful entrepreneurs through the sale of products from their plots at KBSB. Read more