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IFLA Governing Board decides on WLIC 2024

11 August 2023

    The Hague, The Netherlands – 11 August 2023 – Following deep consideration of feedback from members and volunteers around the world, the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) Governing Board 2021-23 reaffirms its decision to hold the 2024 World Library and Information Congress in Dubai.

    Towards a new IFLA Strategy: help prepare at WLIC

    11 August 2023

      IFLA’s current strategy comes to an end next year, and so it is time to start reflecting on how it has worked, and what should follow. This year’s World Library and Information Congress provides an opportunity to start gathering feedback – we’re looking forward to your views!

      Future updates on IFLA WLIC 2024

      28 June 2023

        IFLA’s 19 June announcement regarding the decision to hold the 2024 World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) in Dubai, United Arab Emirates has generated strong reactions – both positive and negative – from its members, committee volunteers and the general public. The IFLA Governing Board takes this feedback seriously and is currently discussing the next steps to take in order to gather views from all Members.

        Dubai to host IFLA WLIC 2024

        19 June 2023

          The Hague, Netherlands – 19 June 2023 – The International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) has selected Dubai, United Arab Emirates to host the 2024 World Library and Information Congress.

          IFLA Governing Board Meetings, 6-9 June: Highlights and Action Points

          15 June 2023

            All Members of IFLA’s Governing Board met last week in The Hague, providing a valuable opportunity to take stock of progress in delivering on the plan for securing IFLA’s future, take key decisions for the coming months, and officially to welcome our new Secretary General, Sharon Memis. The in-person meetings provided a great chance to explore issues in depth, to examine different perspectives, and to come to formal conclusions.

            Now available: IFLA Principles for Responding to Conflict

            8 May 2023

              Complimenting the existing Principles of Engagement around disasters (both natural and human-made), the just released IFLA Principles for Responding to Conflict aim to set out a basis for determining how IFLA should react to situations of civil or military conflict, in any part of the world, which impact on libraries.

              New member of the IFLA Governing Board

              24 April 2023

                As a result of the vacancy for the Chair of the Management of Library Associations Section (MLAS) who is also a member of the Governing Board, a call for nominations was conducted within the members of the MLAS Standing Committee. Only one nomination was received and therefore the nominated candidate, Loida Garcia-Febo (United States of America), is automatically elected.

                Change to membership of the IFLA Governing Board 

                6 April 2023

                  IFLA has received a statement from the Management of Library Associations Section (MLAS) on removing Halo Locher from the position of MLAS Chair and therefore from the Governing Board. The decision affects the composition of the Governing Board until a new Chair of MLAS is elected who will then become a member of the Governing Board.

                  Earthquake in Türkiye and Syria

                  9 February 2023

                    On behalf of IFLA, I want to send strength and courage to our colleagues in Türkiye and Syria, in the wake of the terrible destruction and the sufferings of the people created by the recent earthquakes. I feel for the people in these countries who have lost not only their homes and belongings but also many people who were close to them.

                    2023 New Year's Message from IFLA President Barbara Lison

                    6 January 2023

                      Dear colleagues, As 2022 came to an end and the New Year starts, I wanted to write to thank all of you involved in making IFLA what it is. As a Federation, it is in our name that we are a wide community. IFLA is about bringing people together, providing a common space and a platform for doing more together than we could ever do apart.