Get involved: 2018 Toolkit

In the second year of the global vision discussions, we focus on ideas for actions. Following a kick-off event in Barcelona, Spain, together we will build the largest ideas store of actions. The ideas of your country are indispensable in this activity. Conclusions from all of these conversations will then be gathered and synthesized by IFLA in a transparent manner. This material will provide a basis for IFLA’s future strategies and thus may inform your future work as well.

We encourage the library field to use the Global Vision workshop toolkit below to organise and facilitate creative, educational workshops with your community, network, colleagues or staff. Toolkit materials will help you shape context, group processes, structure, and outcomes of meetings; questions for participants are also provided.

Self-facilitated discussions for countries

During a self-facilitated discussion, librarians and library workers from your country can engage in a conversation about the future of libraries, the challenges and opportunities that they face, as well as ideas for actions to make the opportunities highlighted in the previous phase a reality. Self-facilitated meetings are an indispensable part of the ambition to create a global conversation.

Final reports must be sent to [email protected] not later than 14 days after the meeting. All meetings and reports should be completed by 16 July 2018. The report must be written in English, although the meeting and discussion can be held in any language. The report should be created by discussion facilitators.

Download the Toolkit