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Human Rights, Internet Governance and the Global Library Field in 2021: A Look Ahead

The past year saw important developments in both the human rights and internet governance fields, with consequences for the work of libraries around the world. We look ahead to how IFLA plans to engage in the human rights and internet governance fields in 2021 – and how you can get involved!

25 January 2021 | FAIFE | FAIFE (Committee on Freedom of Access to Information and Freedom of Expression), Access to information, Access to knowledge, Digital inclusion, Human rights, Internet governance

IFLA Submits Comments on draft UNESCO Open Science Recommendation

Faced with global challenges, the need to promote cooperation and collaboration amongst those looking for solutions is vital. Open science promotes just this. With UNESCO preparing a draft Recommendation on the subject, IFLA has submitted comments.

22 January 2021 | Copyright Limitations and Exceptions | CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters), Access to information, Open access, Open science

Libraries Champion Children’s Online Wellbeing: Getting Ready for Safer Internet Day

Every February, Safer Internet Day brings together diverse stakeholders to empower young internet users, raise awareness and support skills-building to ensure their safety online. This is a unique opportunity to highlight and build on the crucial work libraries are doing to support digital literacy, safety and wellbeing of children and youth online.

21 January 2021 | Information Society

Information Sustainability: Interview with Genilson Geraldo, Brazil

Throughout its advocacy around the Sustainable Development Goals, IFLA underlines the importance of information - and libraries as the institutions that provide meaningful access to it - in driving progress. We interviewed Genilson Geraldo, Federal University of Santa Catarina, to find out about work in Brazil to build understanding of the interaction between information and development.

20 January 2021 | Libraries, Development and the UN 2030 Agenda | Access to information, Access to knowledge, Development, SDGs, sustainable development goals

General Assembly: Designating Your Proxies

To IFLA’s voting Members: With just three weeks to go until IFLA’s extraordinary General Assembly, it’s time to designate proxies who can vote on your behalf.

20 January 2021 | General IFLA news | General assembly

IFLA looking ahead on Copyright

2021 has begun and IFLA is already on the way to being a busy year. While all libraries are facing information access problems because of COVID19, we are committed to continuing efforts to build better opportunities for users through improved legal frameworks for copyright. Find out what our plans and expectations are for 2021.

20 January 2021 | CLM | Access to information, Access to knowledge, Cooperation, Copyright, Copyright exceptions and limitations, Digital preservation, Freedom of information, International cooperation

Libraries Preserving and Providing Access to Culture and Heritage in 2021

Memory, traditions, and creative expressions allow people to share their ideas and values with others. Here are some key areas relating to culture and heritage where IFLA plans to have an impact in 2021.

18 January 2021 | Cultural Heritage | PAC (Preservation and Conservation), Audiovisual and multimedia resources, Conservation, Cultural heritage, Digitisation, Disaster management, Disaster relief, Library as place, Lifelong learning, Multicultural populations, Multilingualism, Peace, Preservation, Risk assessment, Risk Register, Success stories, Sustainability

Units + IFLA Strategy: looking back, looking forward

In this article, IFLA celebrates the work of the IFLA Professional Units in alignment with the IFLA Strategy for 2020. It is a wrap up for 2020.

15 January 2021 | General IFLA news | IFLA Professional Units, IFLA Strategy, IFLAFromHome, WeAreIFLA

Your IFLA, Your Say: Act Now to be Heard

To IFLA’s voting Members: There are just four weeks to go until IFLA’s extraordinary General Assembly.

14 January 2021 | General IFLA news | General assembly