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IFLA Statement on UNESCO: Education, Science and Culture: Shared Objectives Need Shared Efforts

On 16 October 2017, following the announcement by the governments of the United States and Israel of their intention to leave UNESCO, IFLA released a statement calling for rapid progress towards a positive solution.

16 October 2017 | PAC and Cultural Heritage | Preservation, culture, UNESCO

International Solutions for Safeguarding Documentary Heritage in Latin America

The importance of preserving cultural heritage is global. All cultures and groups create works that tell the story of their past and present in ways which can both inspire and inform future generations. By acting globally – bringing together experts from different countries and with different specialisations – IFLA can help national actors achieve their goals more effectively. A conference co-organised by IFLA's Rare Books and Special Collections Section contributed to make this happen.

10 October 2017 | PAC and Cultural Heritage | Rare Books and Special Collections, Argentina, rare books, Bibliography, Preservation

World Mental Health Day 2017: Libraries Playing their Part

Mental health difficulties affect, or will affect, a major share of the population. While they may not be visible to the eye, their effects can be devastating. In order to promote well-being for all, societies need to support those suffering from mental health difficulties. Libraries can play a significant role in achieving this.

10 October 2017 | FAIFE and Libraries, Development and the UN 2030 Agenda | Library Services to People with Special Needs, Health information, Access to health information, mental health

Reform Copyright, Drive Development: IFLA Speaks for Libraries in Geneva

IFLA attended the 49th General Assemblies of the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO), from 2-5 October 2017, taking the opportunity to underline the need for action to help libraries guarantee meaningful access to information for their users.

10 October 2017 | CLM and Copyright Limitations and Exceptions | CLM (Committee on Copyright and other Legal Matters), Access to information, Access to knowledge, Copyright, Copyright Limitations and Exceptions for Libraries & Archives, Marrakesh Treaty

Job opportunity at IFLA Headquarters: Administrative Assistant – Data Processing & Analysis

IFLA is looking for a qualified Administrative Assistant – Data Processing & Analysis

10 October 2017 | General IFLA news

Getting It Right: At Second Marrakesh Assembly, IFLA Launches Guide to Implementing the Treaty in Europe

Following agreement in the European Union on legislation to implement the Marrakesh Treaty, Member States now have a year to comply. By 11 October 2018, all 28 countries need to give people who are blind, have visual impairments or other print disabilities, as well as the institutions that serve them, the possibility to make and share accessible format copies of books. A new Guide makes recommendations on how best to do this.

5 October 2017 | CLM and Copyright Limitations and Exceptions | Libraries Serving Persons with Print Disabilities, Access to information, Access to knowledge, Europe, Marrakesh Treaty

Día del Bibliotecario, entrega de diplomas y videoconferencia con la Presidenta de IFLA

El día 20 de septiembre del corriente, tuvo lugar en la Biblioteca del Congreso de la Nación Argentina, un encuentro de la comunidad bibliotecaria nacional, con motivo del festejo del día del Bibliotecario.

4 October 2017 | Latin America and the Caribbean