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Three new videos highlight proposed changes to IFLA’s Governing Board, Professional Structure, and Regional Structure

It’s a time of transformation in IFLA! With our new strategy, launched last year, we want to ensure we have the best possible structures for delivery.

12 August 2020 | General IFLA news | Governance

Towards a More Inclusive, Effective, Transparent IFLA: Key Resources for Governance Round Tables Published

Almost a year ago, IFLA’s Governance Review began. Now, after two surveys, numerous inputs by email and letter, and countless conversations, we have come to a key moment in our efforts to give IFLA structures that match the ambition of our Strategy.

11 August 2020 | General IFLA news | Governance

Statement by the IFLA President and Secretary General: IFLA Stands with Beirut

On the afternoon of 4 August 2020, the city of Beirut experienced a disaster of devastating proportions. It was with a heavy heart that we watched footage of the explosion and began receiving news of the aftermath over the hours and days that followed.

11 August 2020 | Cultural Heritage | Cultural heritage, Disaster relief, Library buildings and equipment, Library collections, Preservation, Risk assessment, Society

Librarians Supporting Humanitarian Information Efforts: A Look at OpenStreetMap Mapping and the Evidence Aid COVID-19 Evidence Collection

This webinar highlights two outlets in which librarians are critical players in humanitarian information efforts; OpenStreetMap mapping and the Evidence Aid COVID-19 Evidence Collection.

10 August 2020 | Health and Biosciences Libraries

Can old buildings be turned into libraries? A sneak peek into ENSULIB’s upcoming open access book

Find out how IFLA’s Environment, Sustainability and Libraries Special Interest Group (ENSULIB) has engaged with the IFLA Strategy.

7 August 2020 | General IFLA news | Environment, Sustainability and Libraries, IFLA Strategy, IFLAFromHome, Library Buildings and Equipment

IFLA joins European Library Associations in Calling for Effective Support for Education, Research, Culture and Digital Inclusion

IFLA alongside EBLIDA, LIBER, NAPLE, and SPARC Europe has signed a joint letter calling on European leaders to reconsider their choices around the EU budget for 2021-27, and, in particular to do better for research, education, culture and digital inclusion.

6 August 2020 | Libraries, Development and the UN 2030 Agenda | Access to information, Cultural heritage, Digital inclusion, Europe, research

Suriname’s libraries align with the IFLA Strategy

IFLA is organising a series of regional workshops on Strategies for Stronger Libraries in order to bring the IFLA Strategy to libraries worldwide. A key focus is on using the Strategy to identify priorities and high-impact actions that can be taken, including coordination with IFLA.

6 August 2020 | General IFLA news | IFLA Strategy, IFLAFromHome

Convening Notice for IFLA General Assembly 2020 in The Hague, The Netherlands

The IFLA General Assembly meetings will take place on 5 November 2020 in The Hague, The Netherlands.

5 August 2020 | General IFLA news | General assembly