The Professional Council comprises the Professional Council Chair and the Chairs of the eight Professional Division Committees. They inspire, lead and co-ordinate the work of Professional Units.

Visit the Professional Council and Division Committee pages to find out who they are:

Hundreds of people volunteer in IFLA’s Professional Units – Sections and Special Interest Groups – representing the biggest brains trust in the library field.

The Professional Sections are the primary focus of professional activity within IFLA, specialising in a particular type of library, information service, or user group, or education and development for the profession. The Professional Section Standing Committee Members contribute their expertise to activities and resources to benefit the profession globally.

IFLA’s Special Interest Groups bring together individuals with common interests in cross-cutting or emerging areas of focus.

Use the Committee Finder to browse through various Sections and Special Interest Groups, to find out who are members of Section Standing Committees or SIG Convenors, and to learn more about their activities.