Two foundations (known under their Dutch name of “stichting”) support the work of IFLA.

Stichting IFLA Foundation (SIF) was founded in 2007, in order to support the work of IFLA and the library and information services sector in general. In particular, it provides resources to enable cooperation, exchange of information, education, research, and development, as well as the documentation, preservation and protection of documentary cultural heritage.

Stichting IFLA Global Libraries (SIGL) was founded in 2016 to strengthen the library field, based on a generous contribution from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Global Libraries Program. Its goal is to empower public libraries to improve people’s lives and support the growth of sustainable societies. This is achieved by supporting research into library services and innovations, working to identify and train the library leaders of the future, delivering industry-specific programmes, enabling effective advocacy, and sharing knowledge about impact assessment and continuous improvement methods within the context of the global library field.