The IFLA Secretary General is the Chief Executive Officer and heads the IFLA Secretariat, located in The Hague, Netherlands. Core responsibilities of the Secretary General include maintaining the strategic and operational direction and financial management of IFLA, its foundations, and the conference holding companies within the policies determined by the General Assembly and the Governing Board.

Helen Mandl, 2022-2023 (Acting)

Gerald Leitner, 2016-2022

​Jennefer Nicholson, 2008-2016

Peter Lor, 2005-2008

Rasu Ramachandran, 2004-2005

Ross Shimmon, 1999-2004

Leo Voogt, 1992-1998

Paul Nauta, 1987-1992

Margreet Wijnstroom, 1971-1987

Anthony Thompson, 1962-1970

Maria Razumovsky, 1962 (Interim)

Joachim Wieder, 1958-1962

Tietse Pieter Sevensma, 1929-1958

Heinrich Uhlendahl, 1928-1929