Professional Council

The IFLA Professional Council provides oversight and support to the committees and groups that work together across sectors and around the world to develop and implement activities that inspire, engage, and enable the library field. It advises the Governing Board, and keeps it informed of the activities of the Professional Council and Professional Divisions and Units, as set out in IFLA’s Statutes.

In order to ensure the continued relevance of IFLA’s professional structures, the Council reviews the status and programmes of the Professional Units every five years. It also establishes procedures for organising the professional content of the Federation’s Congress programme, including satellite conferences, and oversees the publications programme of the Federation.

The Professional Council is made up of nine members – a Chair and eight members, each of whom is a Professional Division Chair. It meets at least three times a year, once together with the Governing Board. The Professional Council Chair liaises with the Regional Council in order to encourage coordination between the two bodies.

Professional Division Committees

The purpose of Professional Division Committees is to enable effective and timely communication between Professional Units, IFLA staff and the Professional Council, and to assist the Professional Units with the coordination of professional activities and in understanding better how IFLA works.

Each Professional Division Committee is made up of the officers of Professional Section Standing Committees and Special Interest Group Convenors, which meets at least three times a year.