As part of its role as the global voice of libraries, IFLA engages with various international institutions and processes. These are highlighted below:

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO)

IFLA has official observer status at UNESCO, and engages in a wide variety of work including the Memory of the World, Information for All and World Book Capital Programmes, and the MIL (Media and Information Literacy) Alliance, as well as work around trafficking and safeguarding of heritage, cultural diversity, and internet governance and freedoms.

IFLA’s representative to the PERSIST initiative of the Memory of the World Programme is Ingrid Parent. IFLA’s representative to the Memory of the World Register Sub-Committee is Daryl Green.

Find out more about IFLA’s work on cultural heritage, cultural diversity, internet governance and media and information literacy.

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)

IFLA has official observer status at WIPO. We are particularly focused on work in the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights concerning limitations and exceptions to copyright for libraries, and on work to implement the Marrakesh Treaty, including through the Accessible Books Consortium.

The Head of the IFLA Delegation to WIPO is Winston Tabb. IFLA’s representative to the Accessible Books Consortium Board is Victoria Owen. Find out more about IFLA’s work with WIPO.

United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC)

IFLA has is on the observer roster at ECOSOC, allowing for participation in meetings and events linked to the Sustainable Development Goals, including the annual High-Level Political Forum. Read more about IFLA’s wider work on sustainable development.

European Union (EU)

IFLA is registered on the EU’s Transparency Register, allowing for IFLA to obtain badges to access the European Parliament. On behalf of our Members, we engage with EU institutions in order to support favourable reforms.

International Standards Organisation (ISO)

IFLA is a Category A liaison, associated with ISO/TC 37, Terminology and other language and content resources, ISO/TC 46, Information and documentation, ISO/TC 46/SC 8, Quality – Statistics and performance evaluation, ISO/TC 46/SC 9, Identification and description and ISO/TC 171, Document management applications. IFLA’s representative to ISO is Paola Manoni, working with IFLA’s Cataloguing Section.

European Standardisation Council (CEN)

IFLA has liaison status within CEN Technical Committee 346 “Conservation of Cultural property”. Renate Behrens is IFLA’s representative, working with the Preservation and Conservation Section.

Blue Shield International Committee

IFLA is one of the Founding Four organisations, with a permanent seat on the Committee. IFLA is represented by the Secretary General. Find out about how to get involved in the Blue Shield’s work.

Coordinating Council of Audiovidual Archives Associations (CCAAA)

IFLA is a member of the CCAAA. Greg Lukow is IFLA’s representative, working with the Audiovisual and Multimedia Section.

International ISBN Board

IFLA has a permanent place on the ISBN International Board. IFLA’s representative is Ulrike Junger.